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EU-China Youth Dialogue Sets Important Resolutions on Climate Change, Sustainable Development and Youth Policy

As part of the EU-China Year of Intercultural Dialogue, the EU-China Youth Policy Dialogue took place from 18th March in Brussels. The dialogue on climate change, sustainable development, youth policy, education and the role of young people in society, sought to further the cooperation of young people of the EU and China on issues affecting them. A project of the Youth in Action programme, the four-day event provided a platform for discussion and exchange, and an online forum. Participants included institutional, academic, diplomatic, corporate and civil society experts from the EU and China with approximately 50 young participants from a wide variety of backgrounds also taking part.

Following the workshops, a public seminar presented recommendations for policymakers in China and the EU. Participants called for the adaption of certain measures to tackle climate change, including intergenerational equity in climate change, the “common but differentiated responsibilities and respective capabilities” principle and the measuring of greenhouse gas emissions. They urged the establishment of political and financial tools to encourage sustainability. Recommendations also called for an increase in volunteering and requested that a channel of communication between young people, youth organisation representatives and policy makers in the EU and China be established. An online platform to facilitate youth interaction was also desired, with the creation of such anticipated before 2013. Participants also hoped for an increase in the number of lifelong learning programmes and encouraged the investigation of funding opportunities for both lifelong learning and non-formal education

Young people all over the globalised world are facing increasing challenges. In this light, the European Youth Forum welcomes this dialogue, which brought together young people tackling shared issues affecting them. The Forum particularly welcomes the focus on volunteering, lifelong learning and non-formal education, as dynamic forces for social inclusion and active citizenship in society. The Forum finds it encouraging that although the EU-China Year of Youth has ended, youth and youth issues continue to be involved in EU-China relations.

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